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damaged moped
Category: Products
Tags: Superior Powersports
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3/6/2011 4:22 PM (PST)

We ordered 2 mopeds from this company.we finally got them last friday.1 of the mopeds was in a metal shiping crate,with plastic on all the parts,and was a new moped as advertised.The other one was banded to a pallet and strech wraped,it has nicks in the paint in several spots,missing several bolts,the front brakes have brake dust all over them like it has been driven,it looks like a used moped,nothing like the other one.My question is they said they would get back to me monday about the matter,i sent them pic's of everything,we want a new moped like we ordered,are they responsible for shipping the damaged one back and sending a new one like we ordered in the first place?

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1/23/2012 6:39 PM (PST)


I am sorry about your situation, however I have issued with this company as well!
I bought a 150cc Scooter over 11 months ago from Superior Power Sports in cash and todate, January 23, 2012 I have not received a PINK SLIP, LICENSE PLATE, TAGS, REGISTRATION nor MCO. They had sent me over three different VIN Numbers for the Scooter I purchased. I called the DMV and they have an open investigations against them. I called the Better Business Bureau and they have 86 complaints filed against them for the exact SAME thing. They have a D- Rating. My scooter is registered to a completely different person in northern California and come to find out has 7 different parking tickets in the amount of $800.00. I have a broken head light since Nov. and Leo told me that they do not have parts in stock that they will have to order from Asia and might take up to 3/4 months to receive. I still don't have over 10 months later. No one will work on these Japanese scooters, I mean no one! After reading my review and you are even thinking about doing business, you are deserve the outcome.

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