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this company is corect or not
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11/17/2010 9:34 AM (PST)

I need information for Primetime Clothing.

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11/17/2010 10:20 AM (PST)

A- rating: An excellent rating. A company with this rating may not rate higher because of a greater number of rate-lowering factors, but we do not consider them to be factors that would likely adversely affect consumer transactions.

An Accredited Business with the LA BBB

This company's business is providing the sale of wholesale fashion apparel and accessories for women.

Bureau's Comments and Analysis of Company's Business:

The Federal Trade Commission's Mail Order Rule allows the seller 30 days to ship ordered products to the buyer unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. If the seller cannot ship within the 30 day period, they are required to notify the buyer in writing of the delay, and give the option of waiting, or having their money returned within seven days. Credit card payments must be credited within one billing cycle.

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