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internet fraud? or ligit smoking stick company
Category: Business
Tags: Smoking Stick
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6/17/2010 3:02 PM (PST)

My question is this,
I have seen now 2 locations that sell the smoking stick, the one in Miami Fl. Has some postings about it, mine comes from Tampa Fl.
are they the same company? Are they jumping locations as soon as they make customers angry?
I tried the free trial and have not yet gotten all the cartridges promised with the trial, I smoked Menthol which for the company seems to be a glitch in shipping/writing the order or what ever.
It took over 3 weeks for the trial to get here, then over 2 weeks to give me a PARTIAL switch for the menthol, they have since charged me for the stick and for the recurring shipment. That shipment was STILL WRONG, so now they still owe me after all this time 2 boxes from the trial ordered in march, 5 boxes from June 1st shipment and cannot seem to get customer service linked with the shipping department.

I had to quit for my health, these actually work, it is just the company and its lack of customer service that has me questioning all of this.
has anyone else had any problems like this and who did you talk to get it right?
I just want what I have already paid for.
yes, still angry in Texas.

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6/18/2010 7:30 AM (PST)

The Tampa BBB does not have enough info to develop a full report yet. This company came to their attention just last month (in May). Why don't you submit a complaint to the Tampa BBB? They have received one complaint already, which apparently was resolved by the company.

Good luck with your smoking cessation efforts. That's a good thing to do and I know it's difficult.

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