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Recommendations for good home warranty company?
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10/28/2010 5:38 PM (PST)

Can anyone recommend a decent home warranty company? We've had First American and they are a nightmare. It's almost time to renew for a year. Any input would be most welcome.

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10/29/2010 8:50 AM (PST)

This is a difficult product to compare and choose! I found this link, which I hope is helpful but please note that I don’t know anything about the owners of this site:

Proceed carefully - as you've found out, there are a lot of pitfalls with home warranties. Good luck.

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10/29/2010 8:52 AM (PST)


You may search by catagory using the link below to view BBB reports by entering "home warranty" in the search field:

Understand how home warranty companies work. When the homeowner has a problem, they contact the home warranty company and they will send a representative/contractor in which "they use" to come to your home to make the repairs. In some cases, they will go the cheap route and send the lowest end contractor that will perform shoddy work or try to charge you more for items not covered by your home warranty.

It's always best to be upfront with your homewarranty company and ask who they will be sending and review their BBB report first before you agree to have them come out so you may approve the visit or request another company you would work with to avoid problems with the repair.

Here's some helpful information regarding express and implied warranties:

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4/3/2023 1:48 PM (PST)

Read reviews of the best home warranty companies of 2023 from U.S. News & World Report. Find out which home warranty plans are the best for you.

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