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Questioning appraisal value of diamond ring from Dynasty Jewlers, Inc. in Los Angeles
Category: Business
Tags: jewelry sales, diamonds
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10/6/2010 2:56 PM (PST)

purchased a diamond ring from Dynasty Jewelers in Los Angeles ..550 S. Hill Street via ebay. The certificate that came with the ring has an appraisal value at $23,000 (and some change). It is a 1.45cttw Star shaped diamond invisible setting via 5 kite shaped diamonds and set in 18k wg. Can you tell me if this company is scamming people by over inflating the value?

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10/7/2010 8:19 AM (PST)


If you click "View BBB Report" above and go to "View Complaints", you'll see the two complaints the BBB has received are from customers who say they had their jewelry appraised for much less than the value given on the certificate that the company provided.

It looks like they were successful in resolving their issues by filing BBB complaints, so that may be something you'll want to pursue if you find yourself in their shoes. You can also contact the California Attorney General at 213-897-8065.

If you purchased through eBay, you can look into filing a dispute with them over the transaction, as well as PayPal if that's how you paid.

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10/29/2010 3:03 PM (PST)

Recently won an auction on Ebay from this company. After paying for the item by paypal, the company REFUSED to ship me the item. Ebay was absolutely ZERO help. EBAY buyer protection is a complete joke. Customer service was lousy and no one at Ebay followed through on ANYTHING they said they would. Company requested that I cancel the transaction and I refused indicating that I wanted my item. The company ignored my request and refused to ship the item and forced a refund on me. This company then tried to bribe me after I left negative feedback on them and filed with various govt organziations for internet fraud. WARNING TO ANYONE - AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. THEY ARE A TYPICAL EBAY COMPANY WHICH HIDES ITS REAL IDENTITY AS MUCH AS IT CAN SO THAT IT CAN CONTINUE ITS UNETHICAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR.

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