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Is Continntal Vacations a legit business who buys, sells timeshares?
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4/14/2010 11:24 AM (PST)

CONTINENTAL VACATIONS..skam or legit in selling timeshares? Anyone know?

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4/14/2010 12:14 PM (PST)

Hi Romina,
We have quite a few questions and TrustLink reviews on them- They aren't spoken too highly of. You can read their TL reviews above by clicking on "Read Reviews" and do a search for tagged questions on the ATC front page. Just search for Continental Vacations and read the questions/answers. As a side note, you should always be weary of ANY timeshare company that contacts you and claims they already have a buyer for your timeshare or charges a large upfront fee- Even if they say its refundable!

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4/14/2010 12:56 PM (PST)

Romina, also read the article in our New Scams section here on TrustLink for some good info on what you need to know about buying and selling timeshares. Scroll up to the top menu bar or to the very bottom. Don't get scammed!

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4/14/2010 6:38 PM (PST)

Is there ANY reputable company to help sell my timeshare???

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